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charles harrison music composer michael hickox films
charles harrison music composer michael hickox films
Charles Harrison Music

Between August 2014 and September 2016, Charles additionally worked as the exclusive composer for Lego Stop Motion YouTuber, Michael Hickox Films.


Charles developed unique and original scores for Michael's videos which set their work apart from other YouTube animators. They created promotional videos, standalone short films, seasonal specials, and even developed a mini web-series called 'Tim and Ralph', following two friends through their adventures together of which Charles scored the first 3 seasons and created the theme tune.

As of the time of writing (Mar. 2020), they have worked on over 25 separate videos, with a total view count of over 135,000,000 views.


Below, in date order, is all of their work to date during this time:

~ 2014 ~
~ 2015 ~
~ 2016 ~

October - 2016

Lego Minecraft


Based on the extremely popular open world video game, Minecraft, using the Minecraft Lego sets. What is your worst nightmare in Minecraft? Is it zombies... creepers... or something else that may stop you in your tracks!

September - 2016

Lego Hulk's Day Off


In this video, you can see what Bruce Banner gets up to during his days off. Sometimes the smallest of things can be very annoying so it takes great effort to not lose your temper, and an ever greater effort if you might accidently turn in to the Hulk.

September - 2016

Lego Airport


If you have ever been to an airport, some of this may ring all too true! The trials and tribulations of checking in, going through security and finding your gate sometimes make the actual flight seem less intimidating.

August - 2016

Lego BrickArms Shootout


This is an action-based short film with weapons provided by BrickArms and G.I. Brick. Compared to our previous work, this video offered a different kind of theme and tempo - which inspired me to go in a different direction with the music, leading to a much more percussive and action driven score.

July - 2016

Lego Moving Day


Moving house can be a very stressful and worrying process, so when your house is made of Lego, you want to make sure you've got the best removal team there is!

June - 2016

Lego Mailman


Michael Hickox Films is joined by fellow animator Daniel Fakhoury to bring you a short film about the perils of a mailman... what could possibly go wrong?

April/May - 2016

Tim and Ralph - Season 3


We meet Tim and Ralph again for 5 more adventures! What will they get up to this time? Season 2 & 3 soundtrack available here!

January - 2016

Midnight Company (X Company)


This short animation was to promote the CBC show, 'X Company'. This was a scene from the show recreated in Lego. Compared to the other videos I'd scored, I tried to make the music different and more of the era (the show being set in WW2) so made the music quite rough and military.



December - 2015

The Season of Giving


A sweet little story set at Christmas. This holiday season, be sure to remember others as well as yourself. Sometimes it is better to give than it is to receive...

Also, check out this brilliantly transcribed fan-made arrangement of the score, by Sidney Lavoie:

December - 2015

Lego Taxi


Sometimes a taxi cab ride is enough to drive you crazy... but only if you have enough money to get there. The score for this video features me on the violin at one point.

September - 2015

iTech Solution, Inc. (Promotion)


This was a promotional video for iTech Solutions, Inc. A company for staffing, consulting and recruiting services.

September - 2015

Lego Pizza Delivery 6


Now this was a big video, for two reasons! The first reason was because of the actual length. It was our longest video to date both in terms of animating and scoring.

Also this was the 6th episode in a very long running; very popular, and much requested series on Michael Hickox's YouTube channel. And this was the first episode with my music!

July - 2015

Tim and Ralph - Season 2


Tim and Ralph are back again with 5 more episodes. For the second series, I brought back some of the old themes for familiarity. It was nice to return to the 'Tim and Ralph' style of music I had developed in the first series. Season 2 & 3 soundtrack available here!

April - 2015

Lego Gardening


Warning! Be careful when planting your Lego pieces.

March - 2015

Spy vs. Spy: The Loot Crate


A promotional video for Loot Crate, a company that ships boxes of 'loot' to your door.

March - 2015

Lego Movie Theater


This is when you go to the cinema and everything is against you! Hopefully the film you're watching is worthwhile.


January - 2015

Lego Christmas Shopping


A Christmas themed sequel to the popular video 'Lego Shopping'.


October/November - 2014

Tim and Ralph - Season 1


Next we started work on a 5 episode web series called 'Tim and Ralph'. This was a series of short episodes following the adventures of two friends. These videos are quite dependent on the music, as there is no dialogue. For this series I created an original theme tune too. Album available here!


August - 2014

Lego Treasure Hunt


This is where it all began for me and Michael Hickox Films. For this project I created three seperate cues which were then edited into the film. These were an 'Adventure Theme' a 'Suspense Theme' and a 'Wacky Theme'.

See if you can spot them all!


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