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Original Soundtrack

I was very fortunate to cross paths with talented documentary film maker Julia Alcamo whilst in Bournemouth, and I joined on her project "Perrücke" as a composer.

This was an important mini-doc for Julia, as she was both creatively involved as the director and personally involved as the daughter of the subjects.

This powerful documentary gives us a glimpse into her family's life during one member's ongoing battle with cancer.

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Recording Session1 20_01_18

This short documentary was beautifully put together, and masterfully displayed the sadness that cancer can cause, contrasted with the positivity and purity of a family's close bond.

This made writing the music quite challenging. It needed to reflect the mix of emotions, yet not be overdramatic or too happy.


An initial agreement was that the music needed to feel intimate, so I decided to use a string quintet.

I was fortunate enough to be able to put together a top team of musicians in a short period of time, and booked out a room to record in.

On the recording day, it turned out my original location was double booked! We were moved to a new location, but luckily the acoustics were still fine in the new space.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful musicians: Stefan Defilet, Samuel Hayward, Tristan Apperley, Jen Hurley Dugdale, and Jack Bond for their brilliant work on this soundtrack.

And thanks also to Bailey Donne for his invaluable help during the recording session.



In the end, we recorded six pieces for the soundtrack, with not all of them being used in the final cut. But you can listen to the full soundtrack for free below! You can also view the trailer of "Perrücke" at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to check out Julia's website for more of her amazing work:

This really was a powerful project to be a part of, and I am grateful for my part in it. I hope that this music suitably reflects the contrasting pain and positivity.

Thank you for listening.


Perrücke Soundtrack
Perrücke (Trailer)
Julia Alcamo

Perrücke (Trailer)

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